Cappy for employees

Your pay, when you want it.

When your employer offers Cappy, you can track your pay and access your money when you need them. No credit check, no loan, no interest – just easy and instant access to your own money that you’ve already earned.

Your pay without the wait. Like it should be.

More control with On-demand pay

Upgrade to a more flexible lifestyle!

Why wait until the end of the month to get paid? With Cappy you get full control over your pay, and the possibility to withdraw earned pay anytime between paydays. An essential precondition for financial flexibility and a smart way to access your own money when you need it.

You get simpler finances

when you don´t have to wait for you pay or worry about unpaid or unforeseen expenses between paydays.

You are in control

when you can use your own money instead of expensive loans, and eliminate any paycheck surprises on on your regular payday.

You have more fun at work

when you can see the direct link between work and pay, and can withdraw from your pay as soon as you have earned it.

Your pay in your hands

Features you will love


Get full control over your earned pay and when it will be paid to be able to plan your finances and avoid surprises.


Get access to your earned pay and possibility to withdraw your money when you need it for a more flexible lifestyle without expensive loans.


Get an overview of your workdays and shifts to plan, compare, and follow up on your time and earnings.


Gain new knowledge and better control so that you can make the right decisions and have more secure and flexible personal finances.


Get even better control over your finances with a budget continuously compared to your earned salary so you know how you are doing.

Download the app directly

It's this easy to get started using Cappy

We work together with employers to offer flexible pay and to make your money available in your bank account when you need it.

1. Register quick, easy and secure

You only need to download the app to your mobile phone from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and log in with BankID to register. If you have an invitation code you apply it after you have registered.

2. Provide your mobile number for swish

All payouts of withdrawals and pay are instant with Swish, provide your Swish-number and you are ready to receive your money and be activated. Activation can be instant or take a few days depending on the setup and when the launch is. You will get a notification as soon as you are activated and can start using the service.

3. Work and report your time as usual

We have a connection to your employer’s systems for time and pay so that you always have updated information in the app.


Continuously see you earned pay and how much is available for withdrawal. Your earned pay is normally available to you directly after your time is registered in the system and all the way until the payday.

5. Choose if, when, and how much you want to withdraw

Get full control over your earned pay and withdraw it when you need your money. On the payday you will get remaining pay automatically paid out with Swish, with any withdrawals and feed automatically deducted from the paid amount.

Help a colleage out when they also need access to their money

Invite your colleagues to Cappy and get free withdrawals

When any of your colleagues uses your code when registering and activating Cappy, you both get free withdrawals to use in the app. Your can invite as many colleagues as you like. What are you waiting for!?

Easy to use and instant reward

You and your colleague each get free withdrawals

1. Find your personal code

You can easily find your personal code in the app. Look for a gift-icon in the left corner and get started inviting your colleagues. 

2. Invite your colleagues

Invite your colleagues to Cappy and for each activated colleague who provided your code you both get free withdrawals to use in the app. Become a hero at work and help others who need access to their earned pay.

3. Använd dina Gratis uttag

När du har gratis uttag används de automatiskt i vår uttagsfunktion. Du ser hela tiden i appen hur många gratis uttag du har tillgängliga, exempelvis på present-ikonen eller på konto-skärmen.

Your money directly after you have worked

Why you will love Cappy

Experience true flexibility with access to your money when you need it.

ALways with you

All features are beautifully packaged in a user-friendly mobile app. You always have your pay in your pocket!

ALways available

Available around the clock and you can make as many withdrawals as you like. You always have control over your pay!

Never wait

Your money in the app as soon as the details are available, and withdrawals are lightning-fast!

It is no credit or loan, so no credit check or interest to pay. 

It is free of charge to sign up. Download the app and get started today!

Common questions from our users

You've got questions? We've got answers.

Is it natural to have questions, this is something new. We have gathered the answers to the most common questions to make it easy for you. If you cannot find the answer yourself you can contact our customer service or your employer contact.

No, this is not a loan. With Cappy we instead hope you can avoid having to take loans and instead use your already earned money which are not paid to you yet.

For each payday you can access a part of your earned pay, normally 50 % or up to 20 000 kr, and withdraw the money directly in the app using Swish. The limit for how much you can withdraw is set together with your employer. The smallest amount to withdraw is normally 100 kr.

When your employer has connected to Cappy, the only thing you need other than the Cappy app is BankID and Swish to be able to track your pay and make secure instant withdrawals from your earned pay when you need it.

You can make as many or as few withdrawals as you like to be able to use your earned pay when you need it. Cappy is 100 % volontary and sets no requirements for usage.

Cappy’s service is available around the clock all days of the year and the payouts are done using Swish so that you will have your money in your account within just a few seconds.

Every withdrawal is related to earned pay for a specifik payday. Deductions for any withdrawals are done automatically when you receive pay on the related payday.

No, Cappy is not a loan or a credit. It only gives you access to already earned pay so there is no need for a credit check.

When you want to share your code to a colleague you can find it using the gift icon in the top left corner on the pay screen. You can copy and send the code yourself, or use the share function in the app to easily send the code to your colleagues. You will get a free withdrawal for each colleague that uses your code when activating Cappy.

When you have received an invitation code and want to use it when registering for Cappy, you download the app and login with BankID as usual, but before starting the welcome guide you select that you have received a code and enter it before you continue. As soon as you have activated Cappy with an invitation code, you will get a free withdrawal as a welcome gift.

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