Cappy for employers

Motivate and engage the new generation of employees. Today.

Recruite easier, fill open shifts faster, reduce absence and turnover. Cappy is the market leading solution to give your employees direct access to their pay and increased financial security.

Since we launched Cappy, we have seen an increase in number of employees, the number of hours worked per employee has increased by 8 %, and absenteeism has been reduced by 29 %.

Say goodbye to stress with our tools for flexible pay

Don't worry, be Cappy!

Imagine a tomorrow where you easily can attract and motivate your employes, with no need to worry about keeping them or your customers happy. A world where it’s easy and natural to be able to meet the expectations on faster results, faster information, and faster pay, without it costing you a lot of administrative work or affecting your liquidity.

simpler recruiting

Get more applications and faster recruiting with a flexible lifestyle benefit

Do you have growth ambitions but find it hard to attract new and keep existing employees?

Stop hunting for applications and accepting poor solutions to cover your resource needs. Stand out from the crowd with an offer of increased financial security and pay directly after completed work.

increased productivity

Motivate employees to work more hours with a stronger connection between work and pay

Do you struggle to fill open positions and shifts, or find it hard to motivate employees to work more than bare minimum?

Stop spending unnecessary resources nagging and paying extra when you need to cover for absences or fill the schedule. Provide them automatic access to pay in real time, without additional administration.

reduced turnover

Get increased employee satisfaction and retention with an app for financial security

Are you facing high turnover and headaches from never being able to build lasting relationships with the best employees?

Get away from constant work with replacement recruitment and quality problems. Meet your employees’ needs for flexible access to pay and show them that you invest in their well-being.

reduced PAYROLL administration

Simplify your payroll process when you can pay more often without doing more payroll

Do you have many requests for pay advances, or carry a heavy burden from costs and administration of off-cycle payments?

Remove the need for manual handling of pay advances and avoid costs for extra pay payments. Free up resources and liquidity when your employees can see their pay and withdraw a portion of their earned pay directly in an app without involving the payroll department.

Become the employer everyone wants to work for. Today.

When you offer our platform for employee engagement built around pay, you don’t have to worry about keeping your employees happy or being able to fill your resource needs.

No one-time or start-up costs

Some of our customers

Onboarding was very clear and structured, we were in good hands all the way. Administration after launch has been very smooth and only takes us 15 minutes per month.


Easy and quick to get started

Get up and running with flexible pay within two weeks.

No need to change payroll system. With ready-made integrations we can quickly and securely activate flexible pay with your existing systems. Without a costly IT project. Without affecting your liquidity. Without disruptions to your business. Just sit back and relax as we guide you through our onboarding process.

Value-creating effects that matter

Good for the employees is good for business!

When your employees get a stronger connection between work and pay, and the possibility to withdraw a portion of their pay when they want to, they feel better and perform better.




As if those number aren’t enough, 46 % are more motivated to work more shifts, and recruiting is 30 % faster when offering flexible pay to employees.

A world-class solution

With the Cappy platform you run flexible pay on autopilot!

Discover the possibilities with our platform of products for flexible pay. Cappy blends in with your existing routines and systems for managing employees and pay. So smooth and smart that it only takes half an hour of administration per month. Minimal work – maximum value.

What you get

The market-leading platform for flexible pay which gives you complete control over how the service is operating and overview over how it is used in your business.

What your employees get

A user-friendly app which gives your employees increased control over their work and finances, and access to their own money when then need them.

Everything fully secure, safe and according to GDPR.​

All information sharing is done following a predefined process and using data encryption. We use BankID and Swish to secure accounts and payouts, and handle all personal data according to GDPR.

What decision makers often need to know

Have you got questions? We've got answers.

Why is flexible pay important and how easy is it to implement? We have gathered answers to the most commonly asked questions from decision makers to make it easy for you to make your decision.

If you cannot find the answer to your question you can always contact us and at the same time get our help to calculate the value of flexible pay for your business.

Flexible pay is a service offering access to pay in a new way to employees via a mobile app. The service tracks worked time and earned pay, and the possibility to withdraw a part of your earned pay when you need it and between paydays.

With Cappy it becomes easier to attract new employees, keep existing employees, and increase presence and productivity for your entire workforce. You can also reduce administration for pay advances and other types on off cycle payments.

When you offer your employees access to earned pay when they need it they get a stronger link between work and pay, increased work motivation, and an increased trust and engagement for you as employer.

We help you set objectives and follow-up on the effects of Cappy on your employees and your business.

Cappy works together with you as employer and uses information about employees, worked time, and pay to offer flexible pay to your workforce.

We set objectives for the effects you want in your business and integrate our service with your existing systems. We also provide training and communication material so that everyone regardless of role get the support they need to quickly get started using flexible pay in their work.

There is no startup cost to offer flexible pay with Cappy.

Normally is 50 % up to 20 000 kr of the employee’s earned pay available for withdrawal between paydays, but this is something we decide and configure together during implementation.

Cappy does that. We take care of all handling and liquidity on the occations of withdrawal of earned pay.

All sharing of information is done according to a predefined process, with highest security and according to applicable laws such as GDPR. Integrations are direct, using API, or using files.

Only personal identification number and basic information about worked time, pay and tax is needed for us to connect the systems, calculate earned pay, and offer the service to the employee.

Cappy and flexible pay works just as fine and in the same way for employees with monthly salaries and hourly wages.

The service has also support for both advance pay (current month) and arrears pay (following month).

Cappy is a service that make it easy for employers to offer flexible pay to employees. The employer remains employer of record and responsibility for running payroll on paydays, whereas Cappy makes information and pay available as well as handles all withdrawals of earned pay between paydays.

Employers can easily log in to Cappy’s customer portal and manage employees with debt or reserve amount from foreclosure. You can also limit how much of earned pay that is available for withdrawal.

No, your employees get access to their money when they need it so that they can avoid expensive loans and credits which make budgeting and finances more difficult over time. With more control and reduced debt it instead becomes easier to start budgeting and saving.

Become the employer of the future today

Waiting to get paid belongs in the past. Flexible pay is the future.

Chose the most comprehensive service for flexible pay on the market, and give your employees a beneficial pay experience that makes a real difference, for them and for your bottom line. See what Cappy can do for you!

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