Customer portal

Get complete control over the service, see statistics, and manage flexible pay for your business.

Get complete control of flexible pay in your business

In Cappy’s customer portal you and your company can manage everything in one place – track data streams, control settings, and find the files and support for the routines around flexible pay. You can also see statistics for how the service is used over time.

Get help with the customer portal

As a customer, you can always contact Cappy’s customer service to ger personal assistance with your issue and support on all aspects of the customer portal!

You can reach us at or through our support form.

We will answer as quickly as we can between 09.00-17.00 on working days, but absolutely no later than within two working days from us receiving your issue.


Share your opinions with us! We would love to know what you think and appreciate feedback on how you experience our products and services. You can simply send us your feedback by e-mailing

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