Terms and policies

Here you will find the terms and other policies that are in effect between you and use when you use our services and our app.


We are constantly working to improve our services and introduce new features to give you an even better user experience. In some cases this also requires that we update our terms of use and our privacy policy. In other cases we update our terms of use and privacy policy to make them easier to understand and to give you more and better information

We can also be required to make updates to our terms of use or in how we process your personal data in order to ensure that we comply with applicable laws and regulation, as well as government decisions.

Updates 2024-03-19

  • We have broadened the definition of our services in order to expand the features we provide to you through our services and our app.
  • We have clarified your rights and provided you with more information and examples of what data we process and how we process it.
  • We have expanded the ability to manage your data in order to deliver new services and features for you and your personal finances.
  • We have clarified our sources that provide you with information, tips and recommendations about personal finances.
  • We have expanded the data processing to be able to counter and prevent fraud even better.

At Cappy, we are constantly working to give you the best possible user experience while managing our relationship and your personal data in a clear and secure way. Contact customer service if you have any questions.

Thank you for using Cappy!

Terms of use for Cappy's services and app

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Privacy policy for Cappy's services and app

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